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STM Custom Studios is the marketing and advertising arm of Sun-Times Media.

Our goal is to design pragmatic, turnkey solutions for our partners based on thoughtful market research and audience behaviors. We want to maximize impact for your campaign, so we leverage our suite of products within and beyond the Sun-Times brand to best position you to reach your target customers. STM Custom Solutions continues to innovate and evolve to best serve its audiences and partners.

Our Products & Content

The Chicago Sun-Times is the premier destination for bold narrative on news and topics that interest Chicagoans most. We investigate the stories affecting our communities, provide in-depth perspective of city politics, and deliver expert reports and commentary on local sports and entertainment.

The Chicago Reader is the essential alternative media resource known for its in-depth coverage of Chicago politics and culture. It serves as as Chicago’s political conscience, cultural guide and music authority. It explores and exposes news, events and issues that affect city living.

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