Re-Targeted Advertising

Retargeting is an digital advertising solution that allows your ads to reach web users who have previously visited your website.

It allows allows you to display ads to those who have visited the websites of your competitors. This is effective because your message is more likely to resonate with someone who is looking for you or someone like you. It is also an effective tool to reach someone who has previously visited your site looking for information but has not yet become a customer.

This method allows you to “follow” a user around the internet. Once they’ve done something that tells you they would be a good customer, you deliver your message. Based on a tracking pixel or cookie that follows their progress, this method allows you to reinforce your message to a customer who has specifically expressed interest in your product or service.

Best for:

• Re-engaging lapsed customers or those who have left your site without completing the desired action (i.e. registration, purchase)
• Increasing exposure to your products or services among already interested customers
• Closing a sale
• Reinforcing brand or campaign messaging

Recommendation: pair retargeting with a more general display campaign.

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