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Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the most direct marketing channels, allowing you to deliver messaging to your target customer by sending your creative directly to their inbox. The Sun-Times dedicated email marketing program allows you to target by location (e.g. zip code, DMA), demographics (e.g. gender, age, income) or psychographics (e.g. specified interest or likely purchase behavior). This type of targeting will help ensure your message reaches your  intended target customer. When sending a dedicated email, subject line is key. Make sure it’s relevant to the demographic you are trying to reach and provides a compelling reason to open your email. We also recommend that you select a send-time that fits within their schedule to maximize exposure. This way, the recipient knows your message is relevant to them and they receive it at a time when are poised to open it and take action. Our staff will help you with messaging, creative and timing for your email to make the most of your send or sends.

Additionally, to reach consumers directly in their inboxes, you can leverage our email newsletter programs across the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Reader.

Best for:
• Customer acquisition
• Driving web traffic
• Marketing special events, promotions or limited time offers
• Call-to-action messaging

Recommendation: Use a combination of text and images in your creative and include a simple and compelling call to action. Make sure your creative is mobile friendly as many users will open your email on their phones.

Need help building your ads? We’ll work with you to design your digital display creative.

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