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The Chicago Reader’s email newsletters reach Chicago’s most connected consumers, giving them a digest of the content they are looking for, by category.

• READER RECOMMENDS The Reader’s comprehensive arts & culture reputation fuels our Reader Recommends e-blast, which promotes the week’s essential leisure options and connects with active, youthful adults. Every Monday and Friday, subscribers receive a concise snapshot of the best upcoming music, film, stage & food options while advertisers reach the city’s most mobile, outgoing consumers.

• EARLY WARNINGS  Chicago Reader is the city’s music authority and a premier destination for concert goers. The Early Warnings e-blast helps advertisers selectively target Chicago’s most active music consumers. Delivered every Tuesday, Early Warnings is an interactive concert calendar featuring up-to-date listings, ticket sale dates and giveaways.

•FOOD & DRINK  Our James Beard Award-winning dining features attract inquisitive & enthusiastic diners. Aimed at Chicago’s bar and restaurant-goers, the Food & Drink e-blast highlights recent openings, meal deals and special menu options. Subscribers eagerly receive Food & Drink every Thursday to stay on top of Chicago’s superior culinary scene.

• CUSTOM DEDICATED  The Reader offers an exclusive opportunity to reach Chicago Reader’s entire e-blast audience. This is a tremendous way to reach opt-in consumers who actively seek the Reader’s entertainment recommendations on a weekly basis.

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