Extended Network Advertising

As one of our advertising partners, you gain access to advertising opportunities with an extended network of websites.

This means that your digital campaign will have additional reach beyond the Chicago Sun-Times.

Your digital display creative will run on a broad set of sites to increase your exposure to potential new customers. You can narrow down this network to make sure your ad is targeted in a way that makes sense for your campaign, such as choosing a specific city, DMA or set of zip codes.
Best For:

• Branding
• Testing creative across a wide audience set to determine the most effective messaging for your campaign
• Recommendation: target by city, DMA or zip code

Mobile vs Desktop:

Our partners can advertise on an extended network of digital sites and mobile applications to reach mobile users in app or on the mobile web. Targeting allows you to deliver your campaign based on location across this network. This method ensures your ad creatives reaches people within your target area without being limited by a desktop. The majority of ads are served in-app (80%) based on GPS data. The remaining (20%) are served on mobile websites.

Best for:

• Call to action messaging (tap to call or tap to map)
• Location specific messaging
• Timely messaging inducing users to click or call while they are in the area

Recommendation: leverage our access to premium networks for historically higher click through rates, target by DMA or zip code with a 20+ mile radius as a best practice. We also recommend targeting you ad messaging based on location, giving users a more personal call-to-action.

Of important note, mobile advertising should always link to a mobile-optimized site or landing page. This allows users to have a seamless experience with your brand. It also ensures that when the users clicks through, they can take advantage of your call to action or find the information they are looking for. If you need help building a mobile-optimized site or landing page, we can help.

Need help building your ads? We’ll work with you to design your digital display creative.

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