Keyword Contextual Targeting

To build a Contextual Keyword Targeting campaign, we will work with you to select a strong set of keywords for your campaign.

Based on a list of keywords relevant to your business, Contextual Keyword Targeting places ads on pages that align closely with the selected keywords. This allows you to narrow down the focus on your campaign around a set of information you know jives with your message. For the best results, we recommend that you select a mix of broad and specific keywords that compliment each other as well as the messaging in your ad creative. This method gives you control of the topics your ad appears next to but does not limiting you to a specific subset of sites. You can also define keywords that do not fit with your campaign, and choose not to have your ad appear when those keywords are associated with a particular site or piece of content.

Best for:

• Niche products or services
• Messaging relevant to particular topic keywords

Recommendation: target by city, DMA or zip code with at least 15 keywords. Keywords should be both broad and specific to create the most targeted impact.

Need help building your ads? We’ll work with you to design your digital display creative.

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