Search Targeted Advertising

Search targeting allows you to deliver your ads based on the user’s’ online search history.

This method tracks common search engines, like Google and Bing, or search-enabled websites to see what terms the user is looking for online. Search Targeting combines the effectiveness of SEM (Search Engine Marketing – link to our SEM page) with the visual impact of display advertising. It allows you to showcase your brand and message visually while aligning with powerful search result data.

With a Search Targeting campaign, put yourself in the mindset of your customer. Think about what terms they might type into a search engine if they were hoping to find your business. That’s your starting point! Once you have those terms, we’ll add to the list, making recommendations that will help you find users who want what you have to offer.

Best for:

• Targeting customers with specific search behaviors
• Call-to-action messaging that requires high relevancy

Recommendation: select at least 15 keywords to target and use message-specific creative with a clear call-to-action

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