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Source: Google Analytics is your local resource and guide for all things Chicago.

We work with local companies and service providers to provide unbiased, relevant and engaging content as well as travel oriented recommendations, tours and other related services. Our team of local experts focuses on all things food, drink and travel in Chicago. Our content is sharable and engaging be it on social media or our website.

Our website advertising solutions range from traditional standard ad placements carefully selected for maximum visibility and impact. Additionally, we work with partners for highly integrated offers which go much deeper and are more impactful than any other traditional media type can offer.

By advertising with us, partners are guaranteed to receive not only direct traffic and quality leads but also SEO benefits in certain cases. Partnering with us also promotes your brand to thousands of unique international and domestic visitors that come to our site looking for tips and services for their upcoming trip to Chicago.

Best for:

• Branding and brand alignment
• Lead generation
• SEO benefits in addition to lead generation: section-specific deep integration with partners that allows them to control certain sections and content on

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