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The Chicago Sun-Times website is a hub for trending topics and breaking news.

We focus our reporting on Chicago communities, sports, politics and entertainment. The highly shareable content is designed to engage readers with bold narrative about the stories that matter most to Chicago, quickly, thoughtfully and honestly.

Our desktop advertising solutions range from Run-of-Site, known as ROS, to site or section takeovers. A takeover gives a single advertiser ownership of all ad units on the entire site or within a specific section for a set amount of time, usually 24 hours. Additionally, we offer high impact display units, which tend to be more impactful than standard ROS units.

Advertising on the Sun-Times website aligns your brand with ours and exposes your message to our digital audience.

        • Best for:
          • Branding and brand alignment
          • Complementing a print campaign
          • Recommendation: section-specific takeovers deliver branding for an entire day and offer the most impact for your budget
          • Need help building your ads? We’ll work with you to design your digital display creative.

Want to learn more about display opportunities on the Chicago Sun-Times website? Send us an email or call 312-321-2200 and we’ll get back to you soon.

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