Native Content

Native advertising is defined as a type of advertising that matches the environment in which it is placed.

This means that within the context of news, your ad feels like an article. The goal is to keep the potential customer engaged by providing them with a format that goes with what they are already reading as well as providing credibility to the sponsor of the piece.

Native advertising helps tell a story that aligns with your product or service. The article formatting of the ad gives you the ability to position yourself as an expert in your field by creating context to offer your expertise to potential customers. With a native advertising program, your story will be distributed programmatically throughout the Sun-Times website as well as partner sites on an impression-based basis. The look and feel will be similar to editorial, giving the content credibility with our audience. Following the story, your brand message will be prominent, positioning you as the expert in the space.

Best for:

• Building credibility with target audiences
• Providing complementary content to you product or service
• Educating customers and showing expertise

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